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Do you love putting your client’s interests before your own? If so, great minds think alike, as we do too!  Refuge Fine Homes (RFH) agents embrace the fact that real estate is all about relationships and helping others. It’s what makes working on our team so special. We support each other and provide an environment that allows everyone the freedom to be their best selves, while building and maintaining lasting relationships.  Additionally, we offer training, assistance and support to widen your pathway to success.


No Hidden Fees.

RFH is an independent real estate agency. We operate as a cloud-based firm, which allows us to keep our costs low, thereby passing savings onto our team. However, we are not a discount brokerage. Our agents do not pay any hidden fees. At RFH, our team can truly claim that “There’s no taxation with our representation!” There are no franchise or desk fees, no required board fees, no accounting or technology fees, and no processing fees. Period.


Cloud-Based Transaction Management.

RFH is an environmentally conscious & friendly organization. That being said, we believe in saving trees. We have implemented, advocate, and embrace moving towards paperless real estate transactions. However, being paperless, can invite disorganization, if not properly managed. To that end, we leverage a cloud-based transaction management tool that allows us to be agile, manage virtual paperwork, contacts, communication, process flow and timelines within each transaction, so that you’ll never have to search for anything. Important dates will be readily available in your IOS calendar, using your platform of choice: Apple, Google, Outlook, etc. Most importantly, the tool allows us to do what you expect from your broker – to timely review your docs.   


Our Commission Plans.

We primarily offer transactional fee plans.  However, our 80/20 commission split plan is equally competitive, with a $10,000 annual commission cap.


$ 40.00 Monthly Fee

$ 350.00 Minimum Per Transaction Fee*

$ 550.00 Monthly Fee (No Per Transaction Fees)

*FLAT FEE PLAN has 4-tiers of associated Transaction Fees**



$ 350.00                                     < $ 5000

$ 400.00                                     $ 5,001 to $ 7,500

$ 450.00                                     $ 7,501 to $10,000

$ 500.00                                     > $ 10,000                                                  


**Annual cap on Transaction Fees is $6,000 for Residential and $15,000 for Commercial.


Other Opportunities.



If an agent refers a Buyer or Seller to another brokerage, in/out of state, and a referral fee is presented, the commission split is 90/10. 



At RFH, we welcome Intrapreneurs! We encourage star agents to leverage our infrastructure to lead their own teams. Let’s discuss a structure that works for your individual framework, to create a mutual opportunity for growth today!


We’d love the opportunity to speak with you about your real estate career goals and interests. We want our agents to prosper in every area of their lives.


Click here to schedule an appointment with RFH to make it happen!

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