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The decision to sell your home is a huge undertaking, but in due time, with proper prayer, planning, pricing, and patience, you’ll be sitting across a closing table from your Buyer(s), ready to graciously hand over the keys to them.


Selling your home to someone else, after years of living and making memories at the same location, can also be an emotional experience. After all, potential buyers may not necessarily attach the same value to the home that you’ve cherished, especially if the property was your very first home. So, to bypass frustration, when you choose to put on the seller’s hat, also put on the hat of a business owner and a salesperson. Doing so will allow you to remove emotion from the transaction, thereby allowing you to think from the buyer’s perspective and determine what makes financial sense for everyone involved.


Don’t Go It Alone…Hire a REALTOR®.

The decision to hire a real estate professional or to sell your home yourself can make a world of difference. Although attempting to sell your home without an agent can save you money in the long run, it may not save you time in the short run.  As the old adage goes, time IS money! In real estate, timing is everything.  The longer a property sits on the market, the less attractive it could be to potential buyers…at which point, FSBO’s (for sale by owners) default to enlisting a professional to sell after all.


While it may cost a homeowner 5% to 6% of the sales price to sell a home, the real estate professional has an arsenal of tools: market experience, negotiation skills, and a network of other agents, via the multiple listing service (MLS), to represent the seller’s best interests to get the property sold quickly. Additionally, in going it alone, sellers oftentimes overlook the ability to price their home correctly, along with adequately marketing the home…all of which an experienced agent at Refuge Fine Homes (RFH) can assist in doing, while removing the stress of selling one’s home.


Make the Home Ready to Sell.

Before inviting potential buyers into your home, a seller should ideally prepare the home for sale by packing, uncluttering, removing personal belongings from plain sight, and making reasonable improvements.


At the end of the day, potential buyers want the ability to visualize the seller's home as their own. A viewing experience could prove unfruitful if the buyer recalls a home having leaky faucets, tons of clutter, and artwork or personal pictures that are in poor taste. The seller’s ultimate goal should be to make the property showing appear as a blank canvas in the buyer’s mind. Less clutter also allows the potential home to appear larger and more inviting, thereby allowing buyers the opportunity to imagine living in the space.

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